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Finding Your Passion

March 12th, 2012 Posted in English, Gender, Nigeria

By Brenda Ogosi-Bepeh, Campaigns and Communication Coordinator, Nigeria

Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo Speaking to student and Partners during the lunch talk

‘’When you have a passion and pursue it, you stand out, be ready to drive, push, remain focus and stay on course’’ said Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo during the International Women’s Day Celebration in Oxfam’s office in Abuja where she connected with young Secondary Schools girls from some public schools in the city.

Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo was the former Nigeria ambassador to Ethiopia and presently a member of parliament at the 7th National Assembly, representing CALABAR/UDOKPANI federal constituency of Cross River State Nigeria. She used her life story as an inspiration for the young girls at the occasion; she also inspired the boys to become gender champions in their various schools and to promote the ideals of an equal world. Amb. Nkoyo explained that inequality between men and women is deep rooted and exists strongly in our society.

According to her, her passion to learn and know more has been the driving force that moved her from a strongly patriarchal society to the present. She emphasised that ‘education is a liberator’ and encouraged the students to keep their passion going, by asking what the passion of their role models were, she learnt their history and connected with them.
The gender lunch talk was very inspiring for the girls according to Halima Ibrahim ‘’I am very inspired and I see myself as an empowered girl that make decisions and pursue my dreams’’

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