Building Partnership for Change
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Good Governance

Good Governance

Civic participation in decisions making that have impact on their lives to ensure that public institutions are accountable, inclusive and effective


Advocacy Coalition Support Programme

Multi-stakeholder coalitions – platforms bringing together civil society organizations, government institutions, academia and research institutions, communities, the media – working around key issues of public concern are strengthened so that they can influence policy making and monitor implementation processes to ensure policies are relevant and responsive to people’s needs and expectations.


Non-State Actors Promoting Budget Transparency

Communities, CBOs, mass organizations, and People’s Councils are empowered to advocate for an enabling legal framework promoting transparency in the process of public budgeting in poverty reduction and development programmes.


Domestic Resource Mobilization for Equitable Public Services

Fairer and more transparent domestic resource mobilization and public spending will build a fiscal system that provides instruments to help reduce poverty and inequalities.


Citizen’s Mobile phone Score Card for Quality Public Services (M-Score)

By scoring via mobile phone survey citizens and enterprises are given the opportunities to raise their voice on the quality of the public services they receive. Feedbacks are expected to help public administration offices improve the services.


Ethnic Minority Empowerment

Ethnic minorities are proud of and proactive in the conservation of their cultures and values. They will be able to initiate activities and plans to challenge stereotype, prejudice and exclusion in policy making processes that affect their lives.