Building Partnership for Change
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What we do

Oxfam understands that many causes of poverty are linked. We fight poverty and inequality by using a combination of right-based sustainable development programming, public awareness raising, campaigning, policy advocacy, and humanitarian assistance in disasters and conflicts. Much of our work is focused on influencing others to address issues faced by poor and marginalised people. We work with partners in public and private sectors as well as civil society to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive – often by exercising their basic rights as women and men. Priorities which focus on voice and rights are set out in four goals of change that will guide us over the course of the 2015 – 2019 Country Strategy. In each of the Change Goals, we are committed to engaging stakeholders in order that they can support people living in poverty or facing injustice to use the many available means to voice their own needs and influence decisions affecting their lives.

Vietnam Change Goal 1 : Governance

One of the most effective ways to reduce poverty is to support poor people in demanding their participation in decisions that have in impact on their lives. We support people claiming their rights and holding decision makers accountable by facilitating the access to information and civic participation of people living in poverty or facing injustice.

Vietnam Change Goal 2 : Women’s Rights

The world only gets better as women expand their role as political, economic, family and social leaders. The cost of excluding women is well recognized. Yet women bear the biggest burden of poverty, and most people living in poverty are women.

We work to advance women’s wellbeing and increase the benefits of the contributions that women and girls can make to societies and economies.

Vietnam Change Goal 3 : Resilience

Government, organizations and local communities are supported to respond in emergencies and cope when crisis hits – including to prepare for the effects of climate change, with the increased incidence of droughts, floods and extreme weather.

Vietnam Change Goal 4 : Sustainable Food and Fair Share of Natural Resources

Richness in resources does not always couple with wealthy and developed communities due to unequal and unsustainable use of resources. We work with small-scale producers particularly minorities and women to help them defend their right to life-sustaining resources to secure their livelihoods