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PhotoVoice book launch “Hey friends! Listen up”

October 7th, 2014 by Posted in Quản trị Giáo dục/ Education Governance

The PhotoVoice project – the voice of the photos through the len of Ethnic minority children in three My Rights, My Voice project provinces has gone to the final with the last event, PhotoVoice book launch “Hey friends! Listen up” in Hanoi on 30 Sept 2014. The launching event was remarked with the participation of representatives from Ministry of Education and Training, the former member cum Vice Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Education, Youth and Children, the small authors, teacher, parents and media.

The Photo Booklet is a collection of 120 photos combining stories taken by 49 primary and secondary school pupils representing 4 ethnic groups (H’mong, Cham, Raglai and M’nong) and were displayed at Vietnam Musuem of Ethnology in Hanoi in early June 2014.

You can see and download the full photo book here: Hey friends, Listen up! Photo Booklet – Sách ảnh “Tớ kể bạn nghe”

Having a look at the photos and stories, the readers will realise just how capable children are of subtle observation, how much they care about the people and environment around them, how much they want to be involved in decision making and the creation of a better community and better school.

PhotoVoice process had started in Oct 2014 in three MRMV provinces and gone to the end with a series of exhibitions at school level, in Hanoi and the provincial cities.

With the desire to enhance the participation and voice of children, the PhotoVoice method was selected to provide an opportunity for students to share with their friends, teachers, family, and agencies, the images about life around them as well as their interests. To do that, PhotoVoice upheld the basic principle of self-determination. Camera and knowledge on photographic story-telling will be provided, then, the decision of when and how to operate activities, what to capture, was discussed and agreed upon by the children.

The PhotoVoice process not only created a colorful exhibition, but rather, it was a process for the children to build confidence in themselves and for adults to believe in their children’s abilities.

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