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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Aggregated outcomes of the community consultation supporting the improvement of the draft amended Land Law

June 12th, 2013 by Posted in Tài liệu xuất bản/Publications

This report aggregated outcomes of the community consultation supporting the improvement of the draft amended Land Law presents the main findings from the community consultation process and recommendations of amendments of the draft Land Law. It aims to share the needs of the people, especially disadvantaged groups such as small scale farmers, marginalized poor and ethnic minority women and men.

This report is based on the consultation with more than 1,300 people from the aforementioned groups and nearly 300 local government officers in 22 communes of 11 districts of 4 provinces (Hòa Bình, Yên Bái, Quảng Bình and Long An).

The community consultation explored the status of land management and land-use, its impacts on disadvantaged groups, weaknesses and shortages in the enforcement of land policies and procedures and the 2003 Land Law. It puts forth concrete recommendations for the draft amended Land Law. The contents of the consultation included the most pervasive issues
facing the community, including: land-use master planning and planning; the use of agricultural land; land allocation for ethnic minority people and forest farmland; land pricing; land acquisition, compensation, support and rehabilitation; and the participation of the community in land decision-making and oversight of the enforcement of land laws. Transparency of land management and land-use is a common issue in each of these areas.

Oxfam would like to introduce this report to our audience.

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