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Rural Women Stories: Nomsa Selebano

November 27th, 2014 by Posted in Climate change, Countries, English, Food security, GROW campaign
 Nomsa Selebano

Nomsa Selebano

We’ve come here together as a group of farmers. We meet each fortnight to support each other and listen to problems and solutions.
I’m a small scale farmer growing crops. I have leased my farm from the government but it’s not very secure and I’ve had people steal my crops many times already.

The weather is not the same as when I was younger – it’s hot then cold then frosty and windy – even the soil becomes confused. And now, even though we’ve planted, the crops don’t grow. I have to manually water all my crops.

When they fail I get so frustrated – it’s how I pay my school fees, my electricity bills. If I can’t pay them I’m crying as my lights are cut off.
I feel frustrated because I’ve tried to make a living but when they don’t grow my budget doesn’t cover what I need it to.

We’re also very insecure as women working on open land. We’ve got to lock ourselves into our houses with our children as people who are hungry and unemployed steal from us. When we come together as a group, we share solutions and help each other.

When we come together as a big group of women, we have the strength to push on. United we stand, divided we fall. To other women I say you must fight – for you, your children, your neighbours. Pursue your dream – there’s always light.

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