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Rural Women Stories: Elizabeth Motoko

November 25th, 2014 by Posted in Climate change, Countries, English, Food security, GROW campaign, South Africa
 Elizabeth Motoko

Elizabeth Motoko

I’ve been campaigning since I was born. When I was 9 years old I travelled with my granny and mother to Pretoria to join a protest during the fight against Apartheid.

In our community I can see people are struggling. I’m a strong, hardworking women and I work with the community. But it’s hard when we feel no one is listening to us. I’m a very active woman who looks out for others in the community. If people have land that they aren’t using to grow food, I help teach them to do it. I have a vegetable garden in the backyard of a church where I grow spinach and cabbage. When it’s time to harvest I take it to children in the community who are hungry, as well as older people who don’t have a family to help them. Whatever I plant goes back to the community.

There’s a lot of hunger in my community. You can see it when you go to people’s homes and the kitchen’s empty. They need support.
Some of my neighbours who are in their 30s are orphans, as they lost their parents when they fought Apartheid. As a parent my heart gets sore for young teenagers who start using drugs. And the drugs make them hungrier, meaning they get aggressive.

The biggest challenge in changing things is getting access to the people in power. The government must hear our voice.
One day I hope to be the woman who was able to stand up and get the message to the other side. The main thing I want is my voice to be heard.
Women – let’s stand up and make change. Let’s unite and be one, with one voice, and approach the government together. Work hard. You must stand up and make change for yourself and your community. We must join together, and not stand apart and be divided.

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