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Locals take ownership of Chingwizi project

July 18th, 2014 by Posted in Countries, English, Water and sanitation, Zimbabwe
 Minister for Masvingo Province, Hon Kudakwashe Bhasikiti-Chuma officially handing over the facility to the people of Chingwizi

Minister for Masvingo Province, Hon Kudakwashe Bhasikiti-Chuma officially handing over the facility to the people of Chingwizi

The 24th of June 2014 marked a special day as Oxfam handed over of a water purification system to the Civil Protection Unit and the people of Chingwizi temporary settlement area.Oxfam was one of the NGOs that responded to the plight of people affected by the floods in the Tokwe Mukorsi area. In a humanitarian situation Oxfam came in and worked alongside the Government of Zimbabwe, District and Provincial Authorities and local partners to provide for the needs of the over 15 000 people affected by the floods.

When the camp was established, the lack of water and sanitation was a ticking time-bomb that could have led to a disease outbreak and extreme hardship for the people in Chingwizi. However, Oxfam used its Water, Sanitation and Hygiene expertise to build a water-purification system capable of converting 180 000 liters of river water into potable water every single day.

This system now provides all of the water requirements of the 15 000 people in the holding area. Oxfam also worked with its partners, such as BHASO to ensure that the clean water was accompanied by hygiene and health promotion to prevent disease outbreaks.
It was the objective of Oxfam to hand over the project so that the people of Chingwizi can work together with local authorities to ensure that the needs of the people in the holding area continue to be met sustainably.

 Chingwizi temporary settlement area

Chingwizi temporary settlement area

At the handover ceremony, resident Minister for Masvingo Province, Hon Kudakwashe Bhasikiti-Chuma acknowledged the massive importance of clean water in the holding area and described it as the biggest weapon in the fight against disease outbreak. Local authorities also acknowledged the work of the Oxfam team that set up the water system and worked with partners to ensure that the Chingwizi people’s hardship did not end in tragedy.

Oxfam is fully committed to its Humanitarian mandate and will continue to do all it can to assist people affected by emergencies such as the Tokwe

Mukorsi floods. We will continue to use our water and sanitation expertise as well as our experience in working with partners to ensure that lives are saved and communities supported to rebuild their lives after such an event.
Oxfam remains committed to its work in Zimbabwe and will continue to work with government and partners to assist people in need.

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