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Seeds and tools help a mother in southern Sudan

Photo: Abdullah Ampilan
Amou with her new sorghum plants

Amou Wol was just four years old when a meningitis attack left her deaf and mute. Her world was turned into absolute silence and it took time for her and her family to develop sign language. It was a big challenge to communicate with neighbours in her small village in Warrap State, southern Sudan.

Now 20 years old, she recently gave birth to a baby daughter. The father of the child left her and refused to marry her when he found out that she was pregnant. Life as a deaf and mute single mother is a huge struggle, but Amou has always worked hard to overcome the difficulties thrown in her path. Her family recalls that ever since she was young she has helped them in the fields and with chores at home. Now, her uncle says, she is trying to live independently.

Amou is one of 1,000 women in Warrap who are benefiting from new seeds and tools distributed by Oxfam staff to help local farmers. The project aims to improve food security in a region often affected by drought and food shortages. Amou now plants sorghum and groundnuts to help feed her daughter, who she hopes to be able to send to school.

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Written by Abdullah Ampilan

Abdullah Ampilan

Abdullah is a public health worker with Oxfam Intermon in southern Sudan. He previously worked for Oxfam in South East Asia

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