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Feed people, not cars!

On World Food Day, farmers, pastoralists and activists gathered in Dar es Salaam, the Tanzanian capital, to raise awareness of how “land grabbing” is undermining food security in the country. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of land have been acquired by foreign companies to produce agrofuels to export – which is then used, among other things, for fuelling cars. Meanwhile, 38 percent of Tanzanian five year olds are stunted due to poor nutrition.

Small farmers and pastoralists affected by this land grabbing told how they have lost fertile land for food production, and how companies have failed to keep promises to support the local communities. The people affected are seldom consulted or involved in the decision making. Watch a short video of the day’s events here – Feed people, not cars!

The event was organised by Action Aid, Oxfam, Haki Ardhi, and the MS Global Platform Tanzania

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Written by Marc Wegerif

Marc Wegerif

Marc Wegerif coordinates Oxfam's Economic Justice campaign in East Africa, working with partners to bring about fair policies for small farmers, pastoralists and communities affected by climate change. He is based in Tanzania

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  1. love the “feed people, not cars” theme and images. thanks for doing this. it’s admittedly a bit simplistic, but it raises a deep and important question that has be in policy-makers’ minds as they take on food/ag/energy policy. are we setting the middle class of the world (who want to own and drive cars) against the poor (who have much more basic needs and aspirations)? are we lunging for economic opportunities, before taking care of our moral obligations?

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