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Video: Tanzanian citizens stand up for their rights

Chukua Hatua, which means “Take action” in Kiswahili, is a programme aiming to support “active citizenship” in communities in northern Tanzania – meaning citizens who ask, know and demand their rights. Musicians, students, farmers, pastoralists, local leaders and citizen groups have all got involved in a campaign that promotes better governance and the idea that elected officials are there to serve the people, rather than the other way round.

  • This means holding politicians accountable by supporting “election trackers” to monitor promises made by candidates during their campaigns – and whether they deliver on them when they get into power.
  • It means starting active citizenship from a young age – by supporting democratically elected student councils to represent student voices and issues.
  • It supports “farmer animators” to build a network which stimulates debate and action on the provision of services in their communities, and campaign for better access to markets.
  • It has brought together prominent musicians to record songs and hold concerts calling for better governance
  • It is setting up a new community radio station – the first in Ngorongoro region – to help disseminate information and enable discussion among local citizens

Watch this video to find out more about Chukua Hatua

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Written by Kisuma Mapunda

Kisuma works on Oxfam's governance programmes in Tanzania, supporting communities to campaign for their rights as citizens and hold decision-makers accountable

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