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The struggle for women to own land

The economy of most African countries depends on women who are deprived of the right to own land. They toil all day on land that they have negligible control over. They sustain the breadbasket regions of many countries that are dependent on agriculture – but their labour is unacknowledged and poorly remunerated. In Tanzania there are only about one percent of women with title deeds. It means that the rest of the female population, who form the bulk of the labour force in agriculture, break their backs but have no say in proceeds from the farm. Read more on IPS

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Written by Mwanahamisi Salimu

Mwanahamisi Salimu

Mwanahamisi is the Tanzania coordinator of Oxfam's GROW campaign for a fairer food system

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  1. There is a need to change the existing systems in the constitution where women are not been considered in most sphere of the cake of the nation like land, this is because Legal frameworks in due are gender blind as they does not stipulate workable guideline which will be responsible to dismantle those acts which limits women access, control and ownership of land and other resources..

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