• Of hope and defiance in the face of drought

    By Tigist Gebru Driving out of Jijiga- the Somali Regional town to the windy and dusty plain fields of Gunagado in Jarar zone to see the ongoing Oxfam together with UNICEF, One of the drought response Donors, we come face to face with the severity of the drought that has displaced over 3,600 pastoralists in […]

  • New seasons weave in new beginnings in Akobo, South Sudan

    By Tim Bierley –  Things can change quickly. January in Akobo and searing heat has scorched the earth almost to dust. Surrounding the town, the dry husks of bushes rustle in the breeze and naked trees dig their claws in, braced for another four months of sun. The market is bustling though. Shop keepers poke […]

  • Arming drought-affected families in Somaliland against water borne diseases

    By Marthe van de Wolf – As a public health promoter for Oxfam’s local partner Havoyoco, Hamda Mohamed spends most of her time in settlements for displaced families and host communities in the Sool region of Somaliland. Most people here in this region have a story of how they have been affected by the ongoing […]

  • The face of drought in stricken Wajir county, northern Kenya

    By Blandina Bobson – Wajir, KENYA The face of drought in Wajir County, in Kenya’s north is ugly. The land is bare and expansive, multiple whirlwinds sweeping across every now and then, which local myths call ‘the devil’. It is emaciated animals feeding on what seems like invisible grass on the ground or camels browsing on thorny […]

  • Smarter Aid

    By Nigel Tricks, Regional Director – Horn, East and Central Africa Two weeks ago, I visited Oxfam’s drought response in eastern Somaliland. We drove across a stark landscape; what should be a pastoralist heartland is now completely devoid of water and almost empty of livestock. Not a blade of grass and barely a green leaf […]

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