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World Food Day: The party is not over


Climate change is having a negative impact on poorest countries first. Southeast Asia is one of the region in the world that is most vulnerable to climate change impact. Evidence is abundant: from Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar to the more recent Typhoon Ketsana that swept across PhilippinesCambodia, and Vietnam last year. Floods in Pakistanmudslides in China, and fires in Russia are the reminders that at this point: we are all in the same boat, and it is sinking.

FAST FACTS: Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region

Wave of Action 

Copenhagen showed that the most powerful decision-makers are still arguing about why and how fast it is sinking. But as the politicians stumble along, a new phenomenon has begun to emerge: people everywhere are just getting on with making the boat seaworthy again.

Over the past weekend, millions of people around the world rolled up their sleeves and unite in the fight for low-carbon future in the Global Work Party.Vietnam was among the movement, joined by thousands of young people and environmental enthusiasts under the name ‘Green Generation Network’. From ‘Go Vegetarian for the Environment’, ‘Reduce Plastic Bag’, growing pineapples to prevent soil erosions increased by climate change, to sustainable agriculture, young people are going climate-friendly with creative activities across the country to raise awareness of climate change.

On the other side of the globe, flashcrop events sprung up this week in UK and Europe, highlighting the link between climate change and food production, asking world leaders to ‘sow the seeds’ of a fair and binding deal by making concrete progress on a Climate Fund at Cancun this December.

The party isn’t over!

This Saturday, ‘SHOUT’ will perform in Jakarta, Indonesia, to mark the World Food Day and remind the public and leaders the plight of farmers and fishers who are hit the hardest by climate change, and the importance of climate change adaptation in order to protect poor food producers. By the end of this month, hundreds of thousands of people will have stood up for action on global warming and its effects. The momentum is growing, and it sends a simple message to politicians: the mandate for change is here and now – we’re doing our part, now you do yours! Delegations heading for Cancun – where Mexico will host the next UN climate conference this December – must realise that the ground is shifting beneath their feet.

Look out for updates, photos and video from @oxfameastasia Join the movement, and keep the pressure on world leaders.


Green Generation Network (He Xanh) http://thehexanh.org/ is a network of youth organizations and individuals who share concerns and are willing to learn and take action for a sustainable way of life. With motivation and enthusiasm, The He Xanh promotes youths and community to be Aware of and Act to address climate change.The Green Generation Network is supported and coordinated by Live & Learn for Community and Environment in cooperation with CARE International in Vietnam, Oxfam, British Counciland like-minded organizations and individuals.

Aliansi untuk Desa Sejahtera, or ADS (The Alliance for Prosperous Village)http://desasejahtera.org/ is an alliance of 18 local NGO or CSO working to promote sustainable rural livelihoods with approach in 3 commodities: (1) rice / food, (2) palm, and (3) Fish. The performance on World Food Day is part of Oxfam, ADS’s collaboration with SHOUT, a group of 50 volunteers, to strengthen the voice and fastened changes in rural area.

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