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World Food Day: ‘Immediately protect small-scale food producers from the impacts of climate change’

Jakarta- The increasing number of hunger in the world, reaching one billion people in 2010, the government asked to immediately protect and support the sustainability of life of farmers, fishermen and small producers, especially in facing climate change impacts. It is the demands of Shout! a group of young people and the alliance for prosperous village (ADS) on World Food Day commemoration in Jakarta.

Until now, government only sees food needs from production aspect only, while the respect, protection and fulfillment of needs for small producers has not been taken seriously. Whereas 70% of food supplied by small producers in the world.

“There has been no real action from Indonesian government to protect the sustainability of livelihoods of small producers. Farmers and fishermen have to fight alone for their lives”, stated Tejo Wahyu Jatmiko, national coordinator of ADS, “With real support, for example an effective information system, seed aid accordance with the season uncertain, small producers will be able to adapt climate change, “ added Tejo.

The support in form of allocating climate change adaptation funds, which is closely related to the sustainability of life and food supply, should be given to small producers. Indonesian government is supposed to fight for having climate change adaptation funds for its people.

In the Copenhagen Accord result from UNFCCC 2009 there were agreements to provide ‘Copenhagen Green Climate Fund’ in which industrialized country must allocate $100 million dollar until 2020.Climate change adaptation fund for small producers is unclear. In international level, Indonesian government efforts even very fast to get mitigation funds from REDD projects. Whereas farmers, fishermen and other small-scale food producers at the local level fight for themselves in order to survive amid the changes which they do not understand.

“We see the process of food supply is unfair. Farmers and fishermen who provide our daily food are the most difficult group to get food with adequate quality. This should not happen. So, we agree to support them with they way we can do”, said Fitria Sis Nariswari, one of SHOUT members.As we know there were 19.2 million Indonesian people who are vulnerable to hunger living in rural area.

Indonesia is a country that most of the people living in rural and live in poverty. This makes the food should be a state responsibility. The government needs to make policies to create food self-sufficiency and fulfillment. Food policy should be made to the welfare of all Indonesian people, including small producers in it. This means that the policy should not only consider to increased production and food supply as an industrial country which is controlled by large investors, but also consider to small producers.

Now, take your time, energy and ideas to help small food producers so they can survive and adapt to climate change impacts.

Further informationTejo Wahyu Jatmiko, The alliance for prosperous village coordinator (0816-1856754)

Editor’s note :

• Currently there are 1 billion hunger around the world. Most live in rural areas in developing countries, and depend on agriculture, fishing or other small economic activities.ADS (The Alliance for Prosperous Village) is an alliance of 18 local NGO or CSO working to promote sustainable rural livelihoods with approach in 3 commodities: (1) rice / food, chairman of the working group People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty (KRKP), (2) palm, chairman of the Working Group SawitWatch and (3) Fish, chairman of the Working Group of the People’sCoalition for Justice Fisheries (KIARA).

• ADS has 4 pillars to strengthen rural livelihoods (1) access to natural resources, (2) market access, (3) adaptation to climate change impacts, and (4) gender equality.

• SHOUT! Indonesia is a group of young people who are willing to give some time, energy, thought to strengthen the voice of small producer groups.

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  2. By Klas Lundstrom on Feb 18, 2011


    I would like to get in touch with Tejo Wahyu Jatmiko. Can you please send me his e-mail address?

    Best regards,

    Mr. Klas Lundstrom

    journalist and author
    Stockhom, Sweden

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