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Women’s rights

Building the political and economic leadership capacity of women

Oxfam focuses on building women’s leadership and participation in all areas that affect their lives. – political, economic and social, so that they have a chance to influence the decision and policy and budgeting that address women’s specific needs as part of decision-making on all poverty related issues.

In Asia, Oxfam in Nepal, Pakistan, and Indonesia has worked with partners in ‘Raising Her Voice’ project to encourage rural women to contribute to local decision-making structures, building strong relationships between grassroots groups and women entering political processes.

In the Philippines, Oxfam works with small-scale farmers in Mindanao to secure land tenure, increase access to credit and extension services, and build their capacity and ensure their sustained participation in rubber, moringa, abaca, cassava and organic red rice value chains under fair terms.

In Pakistan, Oxfam works on land rights and economic opportunities, aiming to help millions of rural men and women to lift themselves out of poverty and inequality by increasing their access to and control over productive land and assets from the state. This includes ensuring enhanced and equitable economic opportunity and increased access and power in markets

In southern Sri Lanka, we support women who engaged in coconut coir fibre supply chain to turn low income work into profitable enterprises. By forming Community Based Organisations and Federations, their collective action creates better access to markets and greater value added production. This leads to sustainable income and social recognition of the women who had long struggled to make ends meet.