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In Photo: Last week’s climate change wave of action around the world

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World Food Day: ‘Immediately protect small-scale food producers from the impacts of climate change’

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Jakarta- The increasing number of hunger in the world, reaching one billion people in 2010, the government asked to immediately protect and support the sustainability of life of farmers, fishermen and small producers, especially in facing climate change ...

World Food Day: The party is not over

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Climate change is having a negative impact on poorest countries first. Southeast Asia is one of the region in the world that is most vulnerable to climate change impact. Evidence is abundant: from Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar to the more recent ...

Jusmine Rice in the Weeping Plain: Adapting Rice Farming to Climate Change in Northeast Thailand

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News clipping: Study finds farms need help to weather climate change

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The Bangkok Post yesterday ran a story on climate change adaptation in Thailand.  "Proper and timely intervention, including efficient water management, is needed to help ease the impact of climate change on the farming sector, a recent study says." Read ...

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

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54% increase in number of people affected by climate disasters by 2015 could overwhelm emergency responses

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Urgent reforms needed to outdated and unfair humanitarian system In six years time the number of people affected by climatic crises is projected to rise by 54 per cent to 375 million people, threatening to overwhelm the humanitarian aid system, said ...

Thai farming community adapts to climate change as world leaders shun solutions

Monday, January 19th, 2009 Posted in Uamdao Ben Noikorn | 3 Comments »

While developed nations struggle to compromise a greenhouse gases cut, a farming community in Thailand are finding ways to adapt to climate change in a bid to save their livelihood. Photo: Mongkonsawat Luengvorapant