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Poor people can’t bear it – Oxfam’s Polar Bears reject the US Climate offer

Oxfam’s Polar bears came back for a second visit to the Untied Nation Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia today, as they could not believe that on the final day of the summit, there was still no clear agreement on a way forward to tackle climate change.

The bears stood in front of the “Graph of Climate Injustice”, which they had hoped would galvanise all countries into action when it was launched earlier in the week, and that adaptation financing, technology transfers – skills, knowledge and equipment – would have received commitments of adequate funding, so that women and men in developing countries could cope with the devastating impacts of climate change such as floods, rising sea levels and droughts.

To show their frustration at the state of negotiations the bears draped a massive sign with their thoughts, over the graph, and in the incredibly hot Bali sun protested in six languages for Ministers to Save the Humans.

The polar bears are calling on all developing countries, the European Union and other countries at the conference to reject the United States proposal, and hold fast to get an agreement for binding targets emissions and adequate financing for adaptation and technology transfers, urgently needed by the world’s poorest people.

From the start of the conference, many rich and poor countries have pushed for real action on climate change that would put people first.

Unfortunately this spirit has been constantly attacked by the United States, Canada and Japan as they have actively tried to stop this conference from having any meaningful outcomes,

The Bush Administration backed by Canada and Japan has continued to add text to the near-final documents of this meeting, demanding that developing countries take on binding emissions cuts, while blocking urgently needed funding adaptation and technology.

It is 6pm now and the negotiations are still going and will do till late into the night. The Polar Bears hope they have done enough for the humans. And, the Oxfam human team and many other organisations, hope they have done enough too.

*Note* The original message was posted on December 14, 2007 at http://oxfaminternational.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/26-million-people-can%e2%80%99t-be-wrong-%e2%80%93-climate-change-petitions-delivered-to-uk-minister/

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