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Landslides threat followed Ketsana aftermath in Kon Tum village, Vietnam

October 6, 2009. Kon Tum, Vietnam.
Six days after Ketsana, many villages are still isolated or hard to access to. Landslide is a new threat to typhoon affected villagers.

New threat now for hundreds of isolated villagers in Ngok Yeu commune of Tu Mo Rong is landslides. The province leaders decided an immediate evacuation plan for four villages in which three are still difficult to get to.  All of these villages and many other areas can only be accessed by foot. The army was sent to the worst affected areas now assigned to take instant noodles instead of rice so they can move faster to help with the evacuation.


This part of the road is completely covered by tons and tons of soil and debris. 


On the way from Kon Tum town to Tu Mo Rong district, destroyed forest debris washed down the river, blocking nearly a mile along Yaly ford.


Soldiers marching up and down the mountains but bad road condition really kept them slow.  It took them almost 8 hours on 10km trek to reach Tam Rim village.  They had to camp there for the night.


The next morning. Some villagers are warming up by breakfast fire right on where they have been sleeping over the past few nights. They prefer this flat open ground to their house because they are too scared of landslides that might strike again.


90 year-old A Khe is still in shock from losing his son, daughter-in-law, and his grand child to landslide after Typhoon Ketsana struck their village on the night of 28 September.  Villagers recalled that they heard loud explosions and the landslides came immediately after. “I’ve never seen any disaster like this in my whole life” said Khe.


Children found playing on the another ground which is also considered safer by the villagers. The head of the village said the whole village were too scared to sleep for the next few nights. Most of them gathered and stood in the rain here, those stayed in their house also remained awake all night long, ready to run if the landslide.



More and more cracks are found all over. On the main path, local villagers started to mark them with sticks for warning and monitoring.


Soldiers are helping villagers to take down houses ready for the evacuation but finding safe ground for them to move is difficult in this remote mountainous area.


20 solders stayed in Tam Rim village to help with the evacuation here, the rest carried on further trying to reach the more remote villages.


New bridge is being built to ease the access beyond Tam Rim.

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