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Fighting Poverty in Asia

Poverty reduction is not new in the developmental sector. Once you start talking about it, there’s no stopping to it. For decades, world leaders have unanimously agreed that sustainable growth is not possible unless poverty is reduced. Even US President Barack Obama recently called for the eradication of poverty by 2030.

In the latest discussion on the issue with a focus on extreme poverty Asia organized by the U.S. Agency for International Development, attended by over a hundred participants from all sectors including Mustafa Talpur, Senior Manager Policy Advocacy & Communications for Oxfam in Pakistan, and Senior Programme Coordinator on Governance Nguyen Thu Huong of Oxfam in Vietnam.

In their reflections, one message that was strongly sent out was that we must give poor people all the necessary tools that will help them beat poverty once and for all. Among those tools are policy reforms, concerted efforts and commitment. Given the current state of poverty and inequality, reforms must also be strong and aggressive particularly the fiscal policy, which is outlined further by Mustafa.

Learn more here and be inspired on the conference outcomes and why Asia needs an aggressive fiscal policy to achieve our goal toward an equal society.


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