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FAST FACTS: Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region

How Asia-Pacific region is threatened by climate change, and why developed countries should cut back carbon emissions further.

  • Climate change could seriously hinder the Asia-Pacific’s sustainable development and poverty
    reduction efforts.
  • South-East Asia is one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate change due to its long
    coastlines, high concentration of population and economic activity in coastal areas, and heavy
    reliance on agriculture, natural resources and forestry. Climate change is already affecting the
    region: extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, floods and tropical cyclones have
    increased in frequency and intensity in recent decades. This is exacerbating water shortages,
    hampering agricultural production and threatening food security, causing forest fires and coastal
    degradation, and increasing health risks.
  • The worst is yet to come. If emissions continue to increase, the annual mean temperature in
    Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam is projected to rise by 4.8 degrees Celsius by 2100
    from the 1990 level on average; the global mean sea level is projected to rise by 70cm during the
    same period, with dire consequences for the region. Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are projected
    to see increasingly drier weather in the next 20 to 30 years.
  • In more severe climate change scenarios, rising seas would submerge much of the Maldives and
    inundate 18 per cent of Bangladesh’s land.
  • The mean cost of climate change for Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – if the world
    continues ‘business-as-usual’ – could be equivalent to losing 6.7 per cent of combined gross
    domestic product (GDP) each year by 2100, more than twice the global average loss.

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Events under the umbrella of the Global Call for Climate Action:
Thursday 1 October: Women’s Rally, Bangkok
Celebrities will join with hundreds of women from across the region to raise awareness of the
disproportionate impact climate change has on women;
Tuesday 6 October: Asian People’s Climate Court, Bangkok
‘Climate witnesses’ from countries hit by climate change including Thailand, Bangladesh, the Philippines,
Indonesia and Nepal will tell their personal stories of hardship and resilience in front of a judge and panel of experts.

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