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Cycle for Environment (C4E)

Oxfam support for Trans-Viet Team 2009
10/07/2009 by oxfaminvietnam

2009 is a threshold year for climate change negotiation in December where countries around the world will be gathering at UN Global Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen to agree on a new deal with commitment to reducing carbon emission that causes global warming and climate change that affects millions of lives, especially poor men and women around the world.

In this special context, Oxfam has put climate change on top of the global agenda in almost 100 countries this year, including Vietnam, one of the countries that are hardest hit by climate change.

Oxfam in Vietnam has planned a number of activities as part of the effort to support Vietnamese government in raising community awareness on this issue as well as helping the global community to be able to push for commitment from developed countries to reduce the impacts of climate change in the upcoming Copenhagen summit. Prioritised climate change awareness initiatives from youth, a young volunteer group called Cycle for Environment was the first to granted Oxfam’s support and other partners with their 5-weeks cycling campaign across Vietnam called “Journey along the Truong Son road” started on 29 June.

On the trip, volunteers in the campaign had a chance to meet with communities living along the Truong Song Road to talk about sustainable environment and collect stories on climate change’s impacts on people’s lives as well as the adaptation and prevention methods of the local communities.

Their daily updates are available in Vietnamese on www.xuyenviet.c4evn.org.

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