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Alien encounter at ADB energy meet

Intergalactic visitors question coal, call for genuine climate solutions

Manila, 16 June 2009A group of unidentified aliens today have made
contact with Earth during an ongoing high-level dialogue on climate and
clean energy at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in central Metro Manila.

In an “unprecedented intergalactic” protest action, around twenty aliens
carrying placards with the words “Live long and prosper. Stop Climate
picketed in front of the international funding institution and
tried to gain entry into the ongoing meetings.  In an ensuing press
conference, the aliens, who came in peace, said that they wanted to
determine the actions humans are taking to save their planet from
climate change, and to confirm if indeed humans are actually set on
supporting the fossil fuel coal, whose use is the single greatest cause
of climate change.

The alien rally attended by volunteers in costumes was organized by
Greenpeace Southeast Asia, NGO Forum on the ADB, and Oxfam to coincide
with the bank’s Climate and Clean Energy Week from June 15 to 19. The
organizations are calling for genuine climate change solutions.

“The message from this ‘alien encounter’ today is that human survival on
planet Earth now depends on strong solutions to stop climate change.
This commitment to solutions is missing from the ADB which up to now
refuses to abandon coal use, and promotes scam fixes such as ‘clean coal
technology.’ Greenpeace is demanding that the ADB phase out all support
for fossil fuels starting with coal so that it can truly help developing
countries deviate from business as usual and leapfrog into the
sustainable low carbon development path toward the energy revolution,”
said Greenpeace Southeast Asia Climate and Energy Campaigner Amalie Obusan.

For too long, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been a proponent of
large-scale, centralized, fossil fuel-based energy development. But
while the bank has taken steps to create a Clean Energy Fund, its Energy
Policy which is currently being drafted still includes funding for coal
technologies, which ironically are being discussed as solutions in the
bank’s ongoing Clean Energy Forum.

The year 2009 is a crucial year for the climate when the intensive
year-long round of international negotiations will culminate in the
Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in December where governments must
thresh out a robust deal to combat climate change. In the light of these
government negotiations, the ADB’s role must be to help developing
countries redirect investments from fossil fuel to renewables, avoiding
the climate destructive path of developed countries.

“Rich countries are holding progress in the UN climate negotiations
hostage to two crunch issues: mid-term emissions cuts and financing for
adaptation and mitigation action in developing countries. There is fear
that the ADB, the bulk of funding of which comes from developed
countries, might follow suit,” said Oxfam International senior climate
adviser Antonio Hill.

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