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7 Fast Facts: Why Climate Change Affects Women More

Why climate change affects women more in developing world.. 

  • Climate change affects us all, but it has a bigger impact on women than men throughout the
    developing world.
  • Women often grow the family’s food, fetch fuel and water, and bring up the children. So when clean
    water becomes harder to find during a drought, crops are destroyed by floods, or children become
    sick, women are hit hardest and they have to find solutions.
  • Women are also hardest hit by disasters. In the 1991 cyclone in Bangladesh, the death rate for
    women was almost five times higher than that of men. Women had not been taught to swim, and did
    not receive warning information.
  • In the tsunami in Sri Lanka in December 2004, many more women died than men because they did
    not know how to swim or climb trees.
  • In south-west Bangladesh, increased salinisation of drinking water sources is making women travel
    longer distances on foot, up to 10km every day in search of water.
  • Droughts in the Philippines are making it harder for women to look for food, fuel and water, which
    were previously available within communities. In remote areas, women and girls are forced to walk
    for hours to fetch water. This makes them more vulnerable to accidents and acts of violence.
  • After a food crisis, women and girls often reduce their intake in favour of males, which increases the
    likelihood of malnutrition.

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Learn more about climate change and its impact on poor countries, go to Climate Orb
See what we ask rich countries and business to do more, go to Oxfam.org
To join the global cliamate change action, go to tcktcktck.orgEvents under the umbrella of the Global Call for Climate Action:
Thursday 1 October: Women’s Rally, Bangkok
Celebrities will join with hundreds of women from across the region to raise awareness of the
disproportionate impact climate change has on women;
Tuesday 6 October: Asian People’s Climate Court, Bangkok
‘Climate witnesses’ from countries hit by climate change including Thailand, Bangladesh, the Philippines,
Indonesia and Nepal will tell their personal stories of hardship and resilience in front of a judge and panel of experts.

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  2. By detoxdietguy on Oct 2, 2009

    recently, there has been some massive flooding in the Philippines and Vietnam which i think is also due to Climate Change. the tropical storms in asia are somewhat getting stronger stronger each year.

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