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2nd update from Regional Director on Sumatra earthquake and Typhoon Ketsana emergency response


Good morning everyone I’m a Regional Director for Oxfam East Asia based here in Bangkok. Just going to give you some updates on the emergency reponse that we are dealing with here in the region.

Ofcourse we are saying on news much more about the earthquake in Sumatra. As things unfold, the situation looks more and more difficult and complex. We know that very little relief is reaching Padang itself but Oxfam has already sent heavy lifting equipments, JCBs, and done some water distribution or hopes to, today.

Our partners are already being on the ground doing some distribution but communications remains difficult. We know that fuel is in short supply. People are queing for that. We expect procurement of essential items to be difficult in the near future.

Our assessment team arrives today so we should be a lot clearer about the situation and starts to put our plans in place.

Ofcourse we have another emergency that we are responding at the moment. And you might be aware that the Philippines are bracing themselves as we speak for another typhoon hitting them, Typhoon Parma. Luckily, we don’t think it is going to hit Metro Manila that was hit at the beginning of the week. But it is still going to hit the top part of the Philippines islands.

The government, we know, have already pre-empted the situation by evacuating people in low lying coastal areas. We are concerned, though, that in Metro Manila will be more rainfall which may lead to more suffering for people who have no shelter and no food.

Oxfam has been ready to do some distribution but the weather has been hampering those situation. As the typhoon passes, we hope that we will be able to get out later tomorrow and do our distributions.

So, again, situations look quite difficult. Our teams on the ground tells us their motivation and ready. And I’ll gearing up to significant responses.

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