Climate funding or financing chaos?

Invited Speakers: Congressman Erin Tañada, Mayor Del de Guzman, Mayor Edward Hagedorn, former national treasurer Liling Briones, iCSC Executive Director Red Constantino, Oxfam spokesperson Marie Madamba-Nuñez

WHAT CAN THE new presidency do for poor people vulnerable to creeping climate change impacts in the Philippines? How much money does the Philippines need to be ready for climate change?

In the next five to ten years, climate change will increase the number and severity of extreme weather events that will hit the Philippines, considered the most vulnerable country to climate change in Southeast Asia. Poor Filipinos face losing what little they have once flooding, storm surges, drought and other climate change impacts become more and more of a way of life.

Money to help poor Filipinos prepare for climate change shocks already exists, but it is not nearly enough and is usually in the form of loans, which drives debt-rich nations into deeper poverty.

In the Philippines, there is no mechanism that handles how and where financing should go to ensure communities are prepared for climate shocks. It is thus critical to figure out mechanisms for financing adaptation now, to ensure that Filipinos become resilient to climate change. What those mechanisms look like, and how to put them in place, will the subject of debate by some of the country’s bright minds in policy and financing.           RSVP Glenn Maboloc, 0928-504-2911

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