Sustainable Livelihoods


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Our geographical focus is Mindanao, because it is home to the poorest Filipinos. Together with our partners, we implement poverty-reducing projects that enable people to rebuild their lives, livelihoods, and communities.

Our Women’s Economic Leadership (WEL) program aims to build women’s negotiating power in two inter-related aspects of their lives: in their own households and in economic markets which they engage to sell their produce and/or services. As we support women pursue livelihood opportunities we also help build their confidence in their abilities to improve their lives, and their right to be heard and valued.

9 comments on “Sustainable Livelihoods
  1. Jessan says:

    I’m so proud and excited to be a part of JOMP =)

  2. oxfamphilippines says:

    Way to go, Jessan!

  3. Oda S. Beltran says:

    is bukidnon a target area of MindaNOW. how could we part of MindaNOW. more power. best regards.

    • Oxfam Pilipinas says:

      The areas we’re working on are CMR and CARAGA, they being the poorest. But our Mindanao program partners work with other areas from time to time, too. Please get in touch with our Mindanao programme manager, Jessan Catre at Salamat!

  4. Nurhad says:

    magandang hapon po…I realy like the mission and goals activities of oxfam..I want to apply in your organization as your volunteer.pls give me chance to be apart of your organization.thanks..

  5. Nurhad says:

    Im from Cotabato city..more power and God bless you!

  6. Janoz Laquihon says:

    How can I take part of JOMP? I’m interested to help being from Mindanao.

    • Oxfam Pilipinas says:

      Hi Janoz! I’ll patch you through to our Mindanao office. I’m sure there’ll be something you can do to help. Pls wait for an email from them. Cheers, Glenn