Where has the social protection debate got to? What's still missing?

May 3, 2011

The trouble with targets: what would happen if we won all our campaigns?

May 3, 2011

Women & Arab Spring; Glencore as food bad guy; Political fertilizers; ODI fellows; the verdict on microfinance; street youth v RCTs; Keynes v Hayek rap battle round 2: links I liked

May 3, 2011
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What’s happening to women’s rights in the Arab Spring?

“For a major player like Glencore to take an undisclosed position on rising wheat prices, and then to warn one of the world’s largest wheat producers that its security of supply could be at risk unless it suspends wheat exports… that is really pretty dodgy.” Glencore, a tailor-made bad guy for food campaigners

Good summary + comments by Martin Wolf on this year’s World Development Report on conflict, security and development

Two nice pieces from the Aid Thoughts blog: The politics of Malawi’s iconic fertilizer subsidy (background on subsidy here). And celebrating the wonderful ODI fellowship scheme (which among other things, acts as a cadre formation system for a lot of my Oxfam colleagues). But why is it only for economists?

Martin Ravallion summarizes the evidence on microfinance (development impact of). The poll on this blog ended up 2:1 in favour of microfinance as a development intervention, by the way – thanks to all voters

Liberia’s street youth subvert a randomized control trial – love it.

And they’re back: Keynes v Hayek rap battle, round two. Unbeatable [h/t Calum and Sam]. Full lyrics here.See here for round one.


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  1. Hi Duncan, with you on the brilliance of the fellowship scheme. You’ll be really pleased to hear that they’ve now expanded to accept non-economists who have done a development-related MSc.

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