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January 25, 2010

Reconstruction in Haiti, what do we know from previous disasters?

January 25, 2010

Zero rupee notes; MLK and powerpoint; Millennium professors; new sites on globalization and politics of climate change and what Obama could learn from Bartlett: links I liked

January 25, 2010
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Battling corruption with a zero rupee note [h/t Jo Rowlands]

If Martin Luther King had had powerpoint…..

Owen Barder:   What is it like being a Millennium Village?
Shopkeeper:     Very good. We have lots of things.
O:                           Does everything work well?
Shopkeeper:     No, not all of it.  But we are much better off now.
O:                          Who decides what to change? Do you have a village council, or is there an Elder who decides?
Shopkeeper:     It is all decided by a Professor in New York.
O:                           Really? Do you know his name?
Shopkeeper:     No. But he is a very famous man
’nuff said

Two promising new sites

IPPR’s Matthew Lockwood and Andrew Pendleton try to fill the political vacuum in climate change debates with a new ‘political climate’ blog 

And a new Journal on Globalization and Development, headlined by Joe Stiglitz and free oline

And finally, why doesn’t Obama watch more West Wing? [h/t Alex Evans]


  1. Re the zero rupee note: I suggest using tea bags in Kenya, where the Swahili term for petty bribes is chai = tea. A Scottish doctor I knew there always kept a tea bag on the dashboard of his car. Whenever stopped by the traffic police he would preempt their demands for bribes by holding up the tea-bag and asking in his best up-country Swahili “Unataka chai kidogo?”, “Do you want a little chai”?

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