A Muslim tiger? Turkey’s rising power and influence

November 23, 2012

Love, death and violence against women in the DRC (and elsewhere): what are we missing?

November 23, 2012

Satirographics on development – here’s a couple, but where are yours?

November 23, 2012
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It was bound to happen. With the boom in infographics, along comes a satirical fringe. These are a gift for blogs and powerpoints, so please send in your favourites (I’ll post the best ones).

First up, success and the wonders of ‘retrospective coherence’ [h/t Innovation Network]

success real and retrospective

Next, obfuscatory logic models (aka follow the chimp). Click twice if it’s too small to read.  [h/t Chris Roche]

logic model spoof


  1. Excellent, thank you. I hadn’t seen these before but they’re both great.

    A friend, an Ex Director of a company, once said of these ” BPBS. beautifully presented bull sh*t by some guy in a skinny grey suit, wearing red-rimmed square eyeglasses, which probably had window glass in them.”

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