Global Humanitarian Assistance 2012 – what are the emerging trends?

July 23, 2012

Should poverty be defined by a single international poverty line, or country by country? (and what difference does it make?)

July 23, 2012

Tragic bears; religious migrants; programming in fog; mega capital flight and tax dodging; US drought -> food reserves & climate change; the latest on HIV/AIDs: links I liked

July 23, 2012
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Lots of graphics and visuals today. First, am I alone in finding the arrested Greenpeace polar bear disturbingly tragicomic?Greenpeace polar bear

A fascinating interactive map breaks down migration flows from each country by religion (no idea how reliable the data are tho)

How can an aid agency programme when it doesn’t know what works? Examples from San Francisco and Somaliland

Great number crunching from the Tax Justice Network is reaping deserved headlines everywhere. An estimated $7.3tn-$9.3tn of secret offshore wealth is held by residents of developing countries – double their $4tn external debt. In Nigeria it’s $306.2bn – nearly 40 times the country’s total external debt of $7.9bn. Plus the Guardian’s turned it into a handy African capital flight infographic.

As the US heat wave drives up grain prices, and the US stockpile is bare, the always wise Sophia Murphy has a timely piece urging the G20 to get serious about the need for food reserves. Maybe the drought is also behind some big guns weighing in on climate change: Paul Krugman in the New York Times, and new World Bank President Jim Kim in his first big public speech

“I am trained as a scientist. I have to tell you that the data that I’m seeing about changes that are happening today that we didn’t think would happen until we got to two to three degrees, this is extremely disturbing to me. We have to put the science of climate change in front of all our member countries and I guarantee to do that.”

Lots of top analysis of the HIV/AIDS pandemic ahead of this week’s AIDS2012 conference in Washington. The Economist charts (slow) progress on AIDS deaths v access to ARVs [h/t @viewfromthecave] and Sarah Boseley summarizes the medical advances outlined in the new UNAIDS report. Plus a smart video from ONE campaign

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