“No water, no life” – a new borehole comes to Turkana

May 30th, 2012 by Alun McDonald Posted in Kenya, Video, Water/sanitation

Have you ever wondered how a borehole is constructed in a remote place like Turkana, in northern Kenya? Helen Owoton, a mother of five, used to walk 1.5 hours each way to get clean water for her family. This video follows Helen and the Oxfam drilling team over several days as they bring water to Nawoyatir village.

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  2. By Alison Jones on Jun 1, 2012

    Google Alert notified me about this documentary video since I am director of a USA-based organization called NO WATER NO LIFE. Our organization is a federally registered (R) nonprofit and a legally Limited Liability Company (LLC). Our mission is to combine the power of photography and science to raise awareness of the vulnerability of fresh water resources and solutions that provide access for all. (www.nowater-nolife.org) We are 5 years into documenting 6 case study watersheds in N America and Africa, including the Omo River Basin, which ends at Lake Turkana and supplies 90% of its volume.

    I want to clarify that our No Water No Life (R) project is not connected with Oxfam — or the above video which uses our name as its title. We applaud Oxfam for its work and this video piece, but No Water No LIfe (R), LLC wants viewers to understand we are separate entities.

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