Urgent: Stop intimidation of evicted Ugandan community

October 14th, 2011 by admin Posted in GROW campaign, Land, Uganda

There have been serious developments since we launched our land grabs report into evictions, some violent, in Uganda, where at least 22,500 people lost their homes and land and many have been left destitute. In the past week, members of the evicted community have reported feeling intimidated and harassed after questioning by workers from the New Forests Company (NFC). We need NFC to cease this alleged ad hoc questioning of evicted people, immediately. We need NFC to commit to a truly independent investigation of the allegations in our report, so that we can get justice for the evicted communities.

We urgently need your support to get justice for these vulnerable communities in Uganda. Click here to send an email to the Chairman of the NFC, Robert Devereux, demanding he take immediate action.

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  2. By Otim Moses on Oct 16, 2011

    You guys need to be fair to New Forest Company, it has the licence to plant Luwunga, its the National Forest Authority that did the eviction. NFC has gone as far as building roads, hospitals etc
    I don’t understand why you guys go as far as writing something like this. Its not balanced at all, talk about the good NFC has done too like employment. Being a company, it needs to make profit and I can bet my head to be choped off, no staff of NFC has threatened those community members, you are just trying to make your case sweet

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