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Not yet Freedom: Reflections of what Independence day means to me as a South Sudanese.

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[caption id="attachment_8035" align="alignleft" width="563" caption="In Juba, over 28,000 people are sheltered in the UN Base after fleeing their homes when the conflict started in December 2015. Many have become volunteer teachers to the many children who now have no access ...

Focus on Gender and the World Bank Group: Perspectives from Land and Poverty Conference, and the Spring Meetings 2015

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By Everlyne Nairesiae, Oxfam Women's Land Rights Advisor I participated in the World Bank Group (WBG) Land and Poverty Conference, and the IMF/World Bank 2015 Spring Meetings in Washington D.C. for the first time this year. After more than a decade ...

Clean water – new hope in a Somali village

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[caption id="attachment_7991" align="alignnone" width="458" caption="Abdi Ahmed Jamaa and his son collecting water for their animals from a rehabilitated barkard. Photo by TARDO/Oxfam"][/caption] Access to clean and safe water is difficult in Bowdha Dogore village in Adado district, Somalia, where Abdi Ahmed ...

“It’s time for Women’s Power to Stop War!” – My take from the WILPF 2015 Conference

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By Josephine Wambui [caption id="attachment_7943" align="alignnone" width="573" caption="Participants following a presentation during the conference. Photo by Mir Grebäck von Melen "][/caption] 100 years ago in April, over 1300 women came together in the Hague to protest the 1st World War. These were ...

2015, the Year of Revolution: beyond the Millennium Development Goals

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By Alex Prats, Oxfam Deputy Regional Director, Horn, East and Central Africa The adoption of the Millennium Development Goals made many people believe that another world was certainly possible in 2015. However, despite some positive progress (see the 2014´s progress report), ...

It’s all about balance: Making ends meet in South Sudan

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‘My only hope is to go back home to Unity where we’re from and where my husband is. I will feel the safest there.’ Nyoruop is balancing a large sisal sack on her head. It contains grain that will feed her ...

Ethiopia’s Female Food Heroes – the ‘real heroes of the nation’

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[caption id="attachment_7555" align="alignleft" width="576" caption="Winners of Ethiopia's Female Food Heroes competition with Hamelmal, legendary singer and Female Food Hero Ambassador. Hamelmal says: "The women we celebrate today are the real heroes of the nation and I am delighted to be ...

Improving access to food in South Sudan

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Cinya Rufin, Oxfam's Emergency Food Security Officer in South Sudan, shares a glimpse of their distribution in Chuil. [caption id="attachment_7910" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="Cinya Rufin and the E,P& R team walking to the Oxfam food distribution site in Chuil. "][/caption]

Somalia: End the cycle of drought through agricultural development

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In Somalia, for generations the agricultural sector has played a significant role in the national economy, it remains second to the livestock sector in terms of GDP. On 15th October, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Government of Somalia in ...

In South Sudan camps, Oxfam is helping families tackle hunger: World Food Day Blog

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[caption id="attachment_7451" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="For people living inside UN House in Juba, going out of the camp to collect firewood can be life-threatening"][/caption] Inside UN House, thin bellows of smoke can be seen from different locations around the camp, meaning that ...