Inspiring the World’s Humanity by Working with National Actors in Somalia

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by Elizabeth Myendo, Training and Capacity Building Officer, Oxfam Somalia

Local people know the best way to deliver humanitarian aid

Local people know the best way to deliver humanitarian aid Photo: Petterik Weggers/Oxfam

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Water, a five letter word that means so much more in Mogadishu

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A boy fetching water at the IDP camp

When we say the word water it seems to be just a five letter word but these five letters mean lives and livelihoods.  Each year millions of people die from diseases associated with the lack of access to safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.  Global figures mask great disparities between regions and countries where the wealthiest people have seen the biggest improvement in accessing clean water and sanitation, while the poorest lag far behind.

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Not yet Freedom: Reflections of what Independence day means to me as a South Sudanese.

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In Juba, over 28,000 people are sheltered in the UN Base after fleeing their homes when the conflict started in December 2015. Many have become volunteer teachers to the many children who now have no access to schools, conducting classes in open spaces whenever they can. Credit: Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin/Oxfam.

On 9th July 2011, the world ushered in a new nation- South Sudan- after nearly five decades of a liberation war from Sudan. Hope for true independence marked by peace, reconciliation and development reigned supreme. But those dreams were shattered when in December 2013; a feud among the political elite sunk the country back to the bowels of war.

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Somali returnees from Yemen – survivors of a conflict that needs to end

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Matiha lining up to be registered in Bosaso

Blog by Nimo Jirdeh, Oxfam Somalia Policy and Advocacy Adviser

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Focus on Gender and the World Bank Group: Perspectives from Land and Poverty Conference, and the Spring Meetings 2015

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By Everlyne Nairesiae, Oxfam Women’s Land Rights Advisor

I participated in the World Bank Group (WBG) Land and Poverty Conference, and the IMF/World Bank 2015 Spring Meetings in Washington D.C. for the first time this year. After more than a decade working on land and women’s rights issues, I was finally in my new role as Women’s Land Rights Advisor with Oxfam and getting access to such spaces where important discussions take place and decisions are made. Decisions that affect the grassroots women I had worked with for over a decade, but who are rarely represented. I was interested to learn more about WBG work and see the extent to which it did, or sometimes didn’t promote gender equality and women’s land rights.

WBG Land and Poverty Conference

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Clean water – new hope in a Somali village

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Abdi Ahmed Jamaa and his son collecting water for their animals from a rehabilitated barkard. Photo by TARDO/Oxfam

Access to clean and safe water is difficult in Bowdha Dogore village in Adado district, Somalia, where Abdi Ahmed Jamaa, together with his 14 children and two wives reside. For a long time, Abdi and his family have depended on rehabilitated water cisterns (called barkads) as their only water supply.  These water sources were left open and in a dilapidated state posing a risk to both the people of Bowdha Dogore and their livestock.

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Disease hits Burundi refugee community seeking safety on the shores of Lake Tanganyika

May 22nd, 2015 by Aimee Brown Posted in Burundi, Conflict, DR Congo, Displacement, Health, Humanitarian assistance, Photos, Refugees/IDPs, Rwanda, Tanzania, Water/sanitation | No Comments »

There's no adequate clean water on Kagunga beach, and many are reporting sickness. Sick refugees receive basic medical attention on the boat to Kigoma. Photo: Oxfam/James Akena

Overcrowding on the thin strip of rocky beach at Kagunga, where over 40,000 people are estimated to have fled from neighbouring Burundi, has been so severe that women and children sit right at the water’s edge on the soaked sand as they wait for the boats to arrive.

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“It’s time for Women’s Power to Stop War!” – My take from the WILPF 2015 Conference

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By Josephine Wambui

Participants following a presentation during the conference. Photo by Mir Grebäck von Melen

100 years ago in April, over 1300 women came together in the Hague to protest the 1st World War. These were the founders of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).  100 years later and over 1,000 women (representing over 80 countries) met in the Hague to not only remember what the previous generation had done and achieved so far but to also connect, strengthen and celebrate the work of peace makers across the world as well as discuss new and radical approaches to stop and prevent wars and establish principles of permanent peace. The conference did not disappoint. The list of speakers including Madeleine Rees OBE, (Secretary General, WILPF), Edith Ballantyne (long standing member of WILPF – over 80 years old), Zahra Langhi (Founder Director of Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace) amongst other key note and sessions speakers in addition to the engaging participants made it worthwhile.

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South Sudan is a land of plenty. So why are 2.5 million of its people going hungry?

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It was a pleasure to photograph these three women, who were waiting in line at a food distribution in Jonglei, South Sudan. We had a good laugh about my awkward attempts to communicate. Like many parts of the country affected by the conflict, Jonglei is facing a serious food security crisis. Photo: Vanessa Parra/Oxfam America

As the rainy season approaches, peace is more essential than ever.

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South Sudanese families being pushed to the brink – Press Release

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In South Sudan, many have exhausted their food stocks, been displaced from their homes and missed opportunities to plant and farm.

Press Release

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