Somalia: End the cycle of drought through agricultural development

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In Somalia, for generations the agricultural sector has played a significant role in the national economy, it remains second to the livestock sector in terms of GDP.

On 15th October, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Government of Somalia in close collaboration with Oxfam marked “Somali Farmers’ Day” in order to recognise the importance that farmers occupy in rebuilding Somalia as the country emerges from 24 years of civil strife.

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In South Sudan camps, Oxfam is helping families tackle hunger: World Food Day Blog

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For people living inside UN House in Juba, going out of the camp to collect firewood can be life-threatening

Inside UN House, thin bellows of smoke can be seen from different locations around the camp, meaning that somewhere, someone is about to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee or tea, or dig into a home cooked meal.

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Ten drivers of inequality in Africa

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85 people hold as much as half the world's wealth, while millions live as refugees across this continent with nothing to their names

By Alex Prats, HECA Deputy Regional Director

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Looking back at the Hargeisa International Book Fair

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by Josephine Wambui, Oxfam

Jama Muse, Director of Redsea Foundation & famous Somali poet Hadrawi

The Hargeisa International Book Fair is an annual event organized and supported by the Redsea Cultural Foundation (RCF). This is the seventh year of the book fair, and I FINALLY got to attend, even if it was just for a day. Turns out, I chose the best day as it coincided with the launch of the Hargeisa Cultural Centre. It’s important to note here, that as Oxfam we have been supporting the book fair for the last 5 years, and it has been a pleasure seeing it grow both in terms of numbers and ideas.

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Built to last: Oxfam water projects

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Since this dam was built by Oxfam and HAVOYOCO, girls from Laaye collect water here every day.

Is this a dam, or is it a reservoir? Or is it a pond?

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Empowering Oxfam’s partners – Training for monitoring, evaluation & media

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Staff from partner organisations participated in training in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Oxfam accomplishes a great deal of our relief and development work, by working through partnerships with local organisations. Through regular training, these organisations are able to build their own capacities, improve their programs and thus help their own communities.

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The Eye Opener: Hope in the land of Somalis

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Today – August 19th – is World Humanitarian Day. The United Nations designated it in memory of the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003 in which 22 people died. It is now the one day of the year when we turn the spotlight on aid workers and celebrate their efforts to help others in the world’s most difficult and dangerous places.

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Solar Solutions in Somalia

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Sustainable Solutions – Supplying water using solar powered pumps in Afgooye
Water is life. In Afgooye town, this couldn’t be more true. Over 20,000 people call this town home but still bear the burden of travelling long distances to buy water at inflated prices. A 20 litre  jerrycan of water costs between 1000-2,000 Somali shillings. This is too high a price to pay for most, especially vital institutions like schools could not afford to cater to the thousands of students that filled their classrooms daily.

Solar panels outside Aala Yaasir school in Afgooye town.

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Standing Strong

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Khadar Abdi

Income Generation in Somaliland

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Pioneering Lasting Change

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Community Managed Disaster Risk Management in Ethiopia and Somaliland

The Cross border region of Somaliland and Somali region of Ethiopia is characterized by vulnerability to drought. The increase in the intensity and frequency of drought has resulted in the erosion of household livelihood assets the livestock. This has been further aggravated by restricted cross border mobility and land enclosures hence limiting access to pasture and water as well as markets across the border. The survival of pastoralism in a fragile environment has been heavily dependent on ability to transverse great distance so as to access pasture and water. Drought exacerbated by climate change has increased the poverty level among the cross border communities with some dropping out of pastoralism altogether.

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