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    New assessment on remittances in Somalia

      A 2012/2013 study commissioned by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) of FAO highlighted the importance of remittances to the people and economy of Somalia, providing an essential lifeline to both urban and rural Somali households. The study indicated that remittance flows to Somalia are estimated at US$1.2 billion per year. The […]

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    The Somali Fisheries Industry, a Potential Gold-Mine

    Somali waters are home to some of the richest fishing grounds in Africa, with vast potential for fisheries and coastal area development. However the sector remains under developed due to lack of skills among fishermen to go deep into sea water, lack of tools (boats and fishing gears) and lack of regulatory frameworks.

  • Nimo Jirdeh, Oxfam Policy and Advocacy Adviser (center) and Dr. Siham presenting the Somali Solutions Report to The British High Commissioner to Somalia

    Somali Solutions: ‘Creating Conditions for a Gender-Just Peace’

    By Dr. Siham Rayale On 4 August 2015 we were given an extraordinary opportunity to speak to a crowd of hundreds of youth, artists, authors and activities from Hargeisa at the Hargeysa International Book Fair. We launched the report ‘Somali Solutions: Creating conditions for a gender-just peace’ with Annab Omer Eleye and Nafisa Yusuf from […]

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    Water, a five letter word that means so much more in Mogadishu

    When we say the word water it seems to be just a five letter word but these five letters mean lives and livelihoods.  Each year millions of people die from diseases associated with the lack of access to safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.  Global figures mask great disparities between regions and countries […]

  • MKC154

    Not yet Freedom: Reflections of what Independence day means to me as a South Sudanese.

    On 9th July 2011, the world ushered in a new nation- South Sudan- after nearly five decades of a liberation war from Sudan. Hope for true independence marked by peace, reconciliation and development reigned supreme. But those dreams were shattered when in December 2013; a feud among the political elite sunk the country back to […]

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