Lost! .. in those Auburn Hills..

Coldplay just polished off the last notes of ‘Strawberry Swing’ and after a little wander down to the front of stage left, have now burst into life again on the remix version of ‘God put a smile…’ I just came back to production to write to you all, who aren’t in here. Seems to me like plenty of you are crammed in though. It looks packed out there.. People are on their feet, clapping and cheeing. The atmosphere is incredible. Spare a thought for the nerves that must jangle in those 4 lads as they look up at all those peering faces for the first time. At least you can always rely on it being an overwhelmingly good reception when the curtain is raised during ‘Violet Hill’. The hip-hop/classical entry music, the dimmed - then flashing - lights, mixed with ‘Life in Technicolour’ always gets the crowd raised to their feet and ready to make some noise for these British boys.

We’re at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. Home of the Detroit Pistons, NBA champs of 1990. There is only one Champion on stage tonight. He’s currently busy mangling drums and hitting them into submission. Just wait until ‘Politik’…! It’s a mellow moment right now, one of my favourite parts of the set.. Chris Martin and Will singing ‘The Hardest Part’. The rest of the stage is dark. It creates a great mood. Fitting for the song.. but also ready, eager and waiting, to burst back into life, when those strings come in..

I went out earlier without my earplugs for the first time in a while (*”why earplugs?!?” - I hear you cry?!?* .. well, just because, when you work on a tour like this everyday, you have to, at least try to stop the tinitus for a while). It’s an incredible wall of sound without them though. Especially when the music is blended with the thousands of fans mouths that are also chanting/screaming/singing/drunkenly blurring the words. Feet are stamping now to ‘Viva La Vida’. 

*Fin (Coldplay’s tour production manager) just popped his head over my shoulder ..

Fin - “is that your blog Pete?”

Me - “yeah”

Fin - “tell em’ Fin says ‘Hi’…. and give generously immediately!”  

(he’s now gone back out to keep an eye on the show - as the keys and drums burst into ‘Lost!’. It’s another crowd pleaser. This band are really rolling at the moment. Seem to be loving every minute. I must just say, I still love this band, even after 40+ shows. My favourite part of the set is right after I have packed up the Oxfam gear (when the volunteers have come back), and I rush through the curtain to catch ‘Cemeteries of London’ and ‘Chinese Sleep Chant’. Chris usually says hello to the crowd before that song. Maybe it’s because it mentions London (and i’m British), or maybe it’s because I just love the beat (and i’m a drummer).. either way, i’m hooked.

The Oxfam crowd here in Detroit have been amazing. Full of energy and determined to talk to as many people as possible. About 737 people signed up here before the show (I say “about”.. - i counted exactly.. twice). That’s great work and we were a couple volunteers short tonight. Most of them are new to campaigning but really seemed to enjoy it. Some of them even said they started up after seeing us in Toronto in the summer. That’s awesome to know. There are plenty of ways to play a part, in changing the world. As I have said many times. Small actions, save lives.

This is turning into a long one. I might let you go, get back to your facebook, or signing that online petition with Oxfam. (I know which one i’d like you to do, and it doesn’t involve books of faces..) I’m going to get back out there and try to catch another song or two, before the volunteers come back, with beaming faces, and sore throats (from all that singing). I hear a harmonica out there.. Great talking to ya. See you in Atlanta! (It’s a loooong bus ride tonight…)    

I hear those drums being mangled again. It’s ‘Politik’.

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8 Responses to “Lost! .. in those Auburn Hills..”

Julia Girdler November 4th, 2008 at 1:53 pm

Would have been more receptive to the Oxfam girl had I not been waiting in line for the restroom! :) I looked it up on line this morning and will certainly add my support! Fresh from the glow of the best concert I’ve ever seen (and there’ve been many) it’s a nice follow up to do something helpful.

Would you, please, share the name of the warm-up band last night? We really enjoyed them. Sleeper…?



Carla November 4th, 2008 at 5:24 pm

whoa.. Could be your best so far!
having psychic thoughts? And pretty accurate too…
Good luck in Atlanta!

Derick November 5th, 2008 at 9:28 am

You gotta love it when Chris messes up during a song lol, really shows that A) its really him singing (never doubted it to begin with) and B) He’s human :D

That was probably one of the best concerts i’ve been too.

Juliette Andre November 5th, 2008 at 4:58 pm

Awesome blog! It’s especially cool that you document each show, because now I can look back and have a play by play of the concert!

Dayna-Marie November 5th, 2008 at 7:17 pm

Awesome concert!!! The best concert I’ve ever been to!!! Me & my sister were probably 2 out of 6 black people that were there but we still didn’t feel out of place. Everyone was so nice & polite. I guess that’s the power of Coldplay!!! Can’t wait until the next one. They have awe inspiring talent. Simply Beautiful!!!

John November 5th, 2008 at 9:13 pm

fantastic show!! The best I have ever seen. the sound and soul of the band and the crowd was truly amazing to witness and to be a part of. The music created an incredible entraining effect of everyone there. thank you so much for an incredible experience.

Stephanie Jackson November 6th, 2008 at 9:51 am

This show was absolutely phenominal! From start to finish I, along with over 13,ooo were pumped. This was the single best concert I have ever seen, and it will be hard to top. From Chris Martin’s energetic dancing, to the mellow moments with the band, this was quite a show, I look forward to eeing them again!

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