We made it. And it was great! The band finally made it back to the start.. (well close enough, just a few tube stops away from Brixton). It was the first of three sold-out shows at the O2 Arena in London. This morning, I stepped off the Jubilee Line, at Greenwich North Station, looked up, and saw huge cranes sticking out of a big, white, dome-shaped tent. It was the sight of the Millenium dome. I had only ever seen it on TV, or from a distance on my way around London.. but today, the big show was inside this thing. The first thing Oxfam’s rep did, was get completely lost by going in the ’staff entrance’, going up some stairs and finding myself in a restaurant warehouse, going through a door, past some bemused bar staff polishing glasses, down some steps, and finding myself by the main entrance.. Lot’s easier. I set up the Oxfam tables and got ready to meet the volunteers. Another great group tonight. Full of energy. Keen to get started.. Another massive crowd tonight. Waiting to applaud the band’s homecoming.

It’s been a long way around to get to where we are. Show # 73 was on the day sheet. Crikey. Oxfam has had an amazing time on the tour so far. Almost 70′000 people have taken action with us, or signed up. Incredible stuff.

You could see it on their faces up there on stage. Coldplay were happy to be home. Happy to play those songs, and say to a London crowd. “Hi, we’re called Coldplay, and we’re from London, England”. They were also joined on stage by Simon Pegg. Star of ’Spaced’. Hollywood star.. 5th band member of Coldplay (for one night only), and extraordinarily talented harmonica player. It was a great moment to see him up there, revoluntionary jacket an’ all.. on the C Stage. 

The blog-off is on. Roadie #42 just pulled up a chair in Production, to ‘drop a quick blog’. It’s that post-non-load-out-show, quiet part of the day. Quiet descends as thousands of people leave and amps are turned off, leaving the background noise of tapping keyboards, the odd bleeping radio and humming radiators. The video director just walked in and told Roadie #42 that he had met some huge fans of his blog today.. I think I just lost the blog-off..

*At this point of the blog.. my laptop battery died (and I had left the charger in the hotel), so I’ll now pick up where I left off about 15 hours ago.

I’m back in production on the second show-day at the O2. Reflecting on last night, the faces that I saw wandering through the backstage halls, and most importantly, Oxfam’s awesome volunteers. More than 1000 more Coldplay fans pledged their support for Health and Education For All. Just a couple of hours until there will be 20 more volunteers waiting to sign-up the masses, and watch the show.

Just looking back over my shoulder at the Manchester shows. It was two great nights there. I thought I should also mention that the band once again took on the ‘mighty’ crew in football.. It was a similar outcome to what’s gone before, but a well contested game, all the same. I think the crew could hold their heads high afterwards. I met Jonny’s Dad yesterday and told him his son is a very talented footballer.. Better get ready for tonight’s show. There are a lot of people descending on Greenwich tonight. And they are not coming to see where time began..

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3 Responses to “Homecoming..”

Carla December 15th, 2008 at 4:30 pm

aww don’t give up the blog-off yet… one of those huge R#42 fans the roadie talked about may very well have been Chavi.. and as you know is a very big fan of the oxfam blogs too :D

CriS_SantoS December 15th, 2008 at 7:04 pm

Come on, Pete, you haven’t lost the blog-off! We have enough love to be huge fans of both blogs :)

jacqueline December 18th, 2008 at 10:39 am


oh come on! you brits get EVERYTHING!

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