Boa noite, Rio de Janeiro!

Hello from Rio de Janeiro.

Coldplay are just about to play tonight in the famous sambodromo Apoteose and Oxfam is here, as the band have asked us again if we wanted to come along.
This time it’s me, Giulia, trying to make the most of this opportunity for Oxfam to be heard and to involve as many fans as possible. And I will be reporting for you on the fabulous life of the ‘Oxfam Rep’ on tour.

The tour started last Friday in Buenos Aires, with about 50,000 people in the River Plate stadium singing along to their songs. I was there, free from Oxfam duty for the first concert and suddenly recruited for helping out with firing butterfly-shaped confetti during Lovers in Japan: an exciting task that is likely to continue for the rest of the tour. So that’s just one of the magic moments of the show, and the Argentinian fans replied with an amazing blue ola made of cell phones (that’s how it goes these days, no more old-style lighters).

Now we’re in Brazil for two concerts (Rio and Sao Paulo) and it’s been a long day for the tour crew because of delays after the earthquake in Chile. Oxfam is sending staff to Santiago to assess the situation (just thought it’d be nice to point that out in an Oxfam blog).

Right now twenty-one great volunteers from Oxfam Brasil are campaigning on the issues of climate change, asking people to sign up to Tic Tac - you can do it here:

The Apoteose is a strange venue: it’s the place where the carnival parade is held, so it’s a long, long corridor among two huge stands. Oxfam’s tent is opposite the stage, near the entrance, so if you get a moment, come and say hello!


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